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Amazon Automatic Seller!

Let's Look at some features..

1- Find automatically all reviewer/buyers of unlimited products by
keywords. For example all reviewer/buyers of every product of the
keyword "Internet Marketing"
2-Collect the Name, Email, Website, % Helpful, Helpful Votes and
Profile URL of each Reviewer/Buyers

3-Export in a txt file the reviewer/buyers organized by

Reviewer/Buyers with email included in their profile, % helpful

or Helpful Votes

4-Export the name, last name and email address in a CVS

supported for all Email Marketing Service like
or any other also any email provider like yahoo etc. You can import
this CVS of targeted reviewer/buyers in your email list.

5- Amazon Description Creator. Create amazing description for
your products automatically



Awesome right?

Amazon in the largest online market. There are millions of hungry buyers.

1-You can start to dominate amazon because you will have a secret

weapon. You will have the list of the top reviewer of any keyword.As

you know a good review of a top reviewer in the most powerful tool to

increase the sales in, you can to send a review copy of

the top reviewer and become the most successful marketer in


As you know the email marketing is the top way to promote any

product/service but is too hard increase the email list with hungry buyers.

This is a solution. Amazon Automatic Seller Collect the name,last name

and email address of unlimited Reviewer/Buyers of any keyword in Amazon Automatic Seller export the list in the CVS

supported in all Email Marketing service or email provider/client. You can

send a cool invitation to become your subscribers in exchange for a review

copy of your product or a cool free product or service.

Warning: You are building a targeted list of subscribers impulsive buyers

. You can build many lists as you want by niches.

Conclusion: This product is useful inside and outside Amazon. Also it

works for all niches


Amazon Automatic Seller!

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