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G-BOX™ Q with ANDROID™ 4.4.2
*NEW Edition*
By Matricom®
over 2,000,000 hours of movies, TV shows, and live streams for 100% FREE





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#1 Best Seller

This genuine Matricom® G-BOX Midnight MX2 Google TV streaming player comes unprogrammed. For full programming see videos and tutorials and you can be programmed quickly and easily. When you purchase from Gboxus.com, we will email you a list of all the GBOX Midnight MX2 sites on the web that will get you up and running in no time.


Product Description 

Automatic Online Updating:

The NEW G-BOX has been developed to constantly update with the newest features available without requiring any technical skills. This is achieved by using OTA (Over-The-Air) technology to update the device’s software. This means you’ll spend time using the G-BOX for it’s true purpose instead of trying to find combinations of firmware and apps to install to make your G-BOX work properly.This is a big leap in Set-Top box technology towards total user-friendliness. So sit back, watch your favorite streams and use your favorite Android apps.

GBox™ Specifications:

8x (Octocore) 3D Graphics


Unrivaled performance for video and gaming


G-Box Q is capable of delivering the highest Ultra HD resolutions without breaking a sweat thanks to the powerful integrated Mali-450 Octocore GPU. Whether you’re playing your favorite Android 3D game, watching a cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD movie or streaming your favorite TV program for free, the G-Box Q is up to the task.


UHD 4K Video Processing


Ultra-HD resolutions delivered to your TV


The future of Ultra High Definition is coming soon and the G-Box Q is equipped with the power to enjoy it today. When you’re ready to watch the next generation of 4K movies for free you’ll be happy to know that the G-Box Q will be ready to play these for you without breaking a sweat.

UHD Android TV Logo


5G Dual Band Wi-Fi


UHD-Ready High Speed 5G Wi-Fi


Ultra High Resolution calls for Ultra high speed wireless performance. G-Box Q integrates the high performance Broadcom 5G Wi-Fi chipset pushing the transmission of data required for 4K video streaming. Although 4K streaming isn’t common today, it is in the near future and the G-Box Q is equipped with the right equipment for the job.


G-Box Media Center


Based on Kodi Technology


The Special Edition G-Box Media Center based on Android Kodi technology is included with the G-Box Q and is specially tailored to include features that allow the G-Box Q to outperform all other set-top boxes on the market. Kodi has hundreds of popular add-ons to let you watch TV for free, stream free movies on demand and so much more. G-Box Q is the only set-top box that includes a media center that is 100% compatible with Kodi and XBMC.

Android Kodi - Matricom G-BoxExquisite in Detail

G-Box Q not only performs. It’s also remarkbly beautifu

Android TV - G-Box Q


P2P Technology

(Coming soon!)


Peer to Peer On-Demand and Live Streaming


The G-Box Q implements the newest technology in Peer to Peer video streaming providing far more reliable and much faster transmission of on-demand and streaming video data, implemented within the MEL (Matricom Experience Launcher). What does this mean for you? HyperStream lets you spend more time watching movies instead of waiting for them to load and buffer.


HyperStream Android TV Technology

Plug n' Play Matricom G-Box Q - Loaded with Many Add-Ons

Simply plug our G-Box-Q to watch your TV programs. The Q box is loaded with the following addons (this list is not all inclusive nor guaranteed and number of addons may vary based availability)



You Won’t Find in Counterfeit Boxes

Clone boxes available from China, and other unauthorized sellers on the internet will not be running the same firmware as the authentic United States registered Matricom®. The G-BOX unique software is tied to the specific hardware in the G-BOX device and is not installable outside of the manufacturing process. We’re working hard to reduce counterfeits on the market an add value for our re-sellers, so that our customers know that they are purchasing an authentic Matricom® G-BOX device.


G BOX™ Support:

This genuine G-BOX™ Android® TV device is manufactured by Matricom® and features a 1yr extensive device warranty. Support is available on-line through the G-Box community forum.

Our devices are honored by SquareTrade®, so you can get an additional 2 year Warranty for extra protection.

Technical Support Number (323) 816-5288


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