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"Why is it that Mark Ling, the famous internet market, a hugely successful online millionaire can enter a new niche and within a few years be making over a million dollars in it with ease?"

This question intrigued me for some time...

...What I find even more shocking is that Mark seems to effortlessly rake in higher commission, comes in the top 5 of affiliate leader boards if not number 1, but has an email list of a tenth of the size of everyone else! Commision checks of over 6 figures a month are a breeze for him.

This astounded me for some time and I just had to find out what was going on with Mark Ling...I was determined to find out what exactly made him do so well and so quickly...surely I could squeeze it out of him, get him to spill the beans so that I could copy him and cash in too!!

Well that's what I decided to do...that's right I called Mark and straight out saked him..."dude what are you doing differently from the rest of us that makes you do so well?...."

If you are an internet marketer and make a few sales here are there but want to learn how the pro's ramp things up...then read on!

Are You Tired of...

Well if you answered yes to any of these concerns then perhaps Mark Ling's little trick is just what you need!

You may be wondering what this secret weapon that causes Mark Ling to rake in 6 figures a month in his hottest niches...

Well when I asked him straight out what he was doing differently he said...

"It's simple really...I focus on building a list of targeted customers and then I treat them really well by giving them stack loads of quality free content"

I was interetsed so I listened some more....and Mark continued....

"...And the best way to do this is by running live Teleseminars with my customer list so that they can send in their questions and get high quality free content...I simply interview experts in the niche and pick their brains for an hour to help my list learn the latest cutting edge tricks"

Mark then went on to explain that he made over 50K in one of his very first ever teleseminars, that's right 50K in a 60min teleseminar!! That is what I call impressive.

But here is the clincher, with just over 100 people on that call 57 people bought the product off the person being interviewed through Mark's affiliate link....Yes that's right 57, that sort of conversion rate is simply breath taking.

"Teleseminars have extremely high conversion rates which means your affiliate commisions shoot through the less and earn more"

You simply can NOT get these sort of conversion rates in any other form of online marketing. Imagine if PPC gave you returns like that, well we would all be billionaires...but the fact is that it doesn't.

Why? Because you can't build the credibility with people and provide high quality content that you can through a teleseminar.

I was starting to come around but I still had some serious objections that I raised, such as...

Aren't teleseminars only going to work for people with a list of 100,000 or so?

However Mark shot this pessimistic objection down quicker than I had time to put a sly smurk across my face by saying:

 "No not at all, in fact I made more than a full time income when I only had a few thousand people on my list!"

Now this was very intertesing for me and so I probed a little further with my objections just to see if I could uncover some hidden secret that would discount the average Joe from doing these types of teleseminars, so I asked Mark:

Surely you need to be an expert yourself in the niche to be able to run a live seminar?....I was wrong again...

Let just say Mark shot that objections to peices too with a very intelligent retort, that I had never thought about before to be honest...and this had stopped me in the past from doing my own teleseminars...not anymore though.

Here's when the penny dropped for me...

All you need is a list of 1000 people to start making good money with teleseminars, and it doesn't take long to do that, and then you can be earning big bucks with little effort. Think about that carefully, you could be making the same wage as say a doctor in the space of  a year if you build a list and run live professional teleseminars in your niche!

I was pushed well and truly over the line and convinced that I needed to start doing teleseminars myself when Mark explained that when you go to a conference, say its on Internet Marketing, the host spends a lot of money renting a room and provides great free content for the guests, and the vibe is usually really positive....

Let's face it sales at these kind of conferences are extremely high!! I've been at conferences where people are hanging on every word that comes out of the speakers mouth...I may have been one of

Why am I telling you this?

It's simple really you can quite easily run your own conference from the comfort of home and still have just as many people as would be cramped into a conference room. The great thing is that the cost is virtually free and the sales convert at just a high a rate...


Before you dive in head first and make costly mistake and get it all wrong, why not short cut your learning and fast track your success to 5-6 figures online a month in whatever niche you are in using teleseminars, by listening to Mark Ling reveal exactly how he does it, in a step-by-step plan rolled out for you.

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Not many people are doing this in niche marketing online yet, but people are starting to figure this out, so if you want to:

Then Teleseminars is the secret weapon that you need to be pulling out!



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cashing in with teleseminars

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If anyone knows what they are doing online, let me tell you it's Mark Ling, and with his secret weapon of teleseminars in your marketing arsenal you will leave the competition in your dust.

Think about this for a moment, Mark Ling made over $50,000 in one of his very first ever teleseminars when he had a small list of customers, and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same if you have the right coaching.

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