Why Most Businesses Are DEAD WRONG About What Their Prospects Are REALLY Thinking... And How You Can ‘Legally Steal’ The Sales Tactics Used By One Of The Most Cutthroat Markets In The WORLD To Close This ‘Grand-Canyon’ Sized Gap So You Can Achieve More Control, Sustainability, And Profits In Your Business!”

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Marketers Use A Different Approach To Selling That Builds INSTANT Desire In Their Product/Service…And It’s An Approach You’re Probably NOT Using Right Now.

Read On To Discover The TRUTH About Where Your Customer’s Head Is REALLY At…And How You Can Use These Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Marketing Concepts To Wake Them Up And Get Them To DESIRE Your Product/Service Like Child Wants Candy!

Dear Renegade Offliner,

Let’s get down to it: I’m going to let you in on a slightly different approach to selling you’ve probably have NEVER been taught…

These techniques come from a niche some may consider to be a little “shady”, unethical, and downright devious. And some of you might get downright offended and flick off your internet browser right now.

But if you’re like most successful offliners who are always looking for marketing techniques they can “swipe and deploy” in their businesses…well, I’m going to let you in on a marketing arsenal that’ll allow you to boost your revenue and profits.

This is stuff I couldn’t simply publish in the “Newsletter” and call it a day.

And I couldn’t sit down and hammer this out in a book or $297 product and expect to give these strategies the probative attention they deserved.

So I decided to do one thing:

I Decided To Reveal These “Under The Table” Strategies Here & Now!


You see, this could be HUGE for you and your business. And what I have to share with you is necessary NOW more than ever thanks to today’s “gutter” economy.

When you read every single word of this message, you’ll discover how to sell to your prospects better so you can boost your income, attract more clients and customers, and experience MORE wealth and prosperity in your business.

Now if you’re thinking it’s all about getting a lead generator and doing the “needle in a haystack” approach…where you use mass market advertising, and be satisfied with the 1-2% of people who are interested in your sales message to buy…

…or if you think I’m going to feed you the usual copywriting tricks like writing headlines full of “power words” or inserting hypnotic commands in your copy, then you’re sorely mistaken.

Because in this letter I’m going to present to you an alternative, very effective approach used by one of the most “cutthroat” businesses in the world.

This Is Stuff You’ve NEVER Heard Before…Which Is Probably Why You’re Not Making The Revenue You Desire!


Now I don’t say this to brag or boast. Just to let you know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to how to attract customers and clients and get them to gladly pay you money for your product and service…

…something that 99.9% of businesspeople WISH they could do!

So the secrets I’m going to reveal in this letter could mean EVERYTHING to you. I know, because they were for many offliners ... all of which whom have raked in a collective THOSANDS of dollars.

But If You’re One Of “These” People Then I Suggest You Close This Browser Now!


Now before I go on, I know there’s a faction out there who believes that all they have to do is hum Gregorian chants and think happy thoughts to achieve financial and business success.

This cannot be further from the truth!

You see, I’m a very practical guy. I don’t dabble around in “theory”…so I can leave you wandering around with your head cut off wondering what the HECK to do next.

I like to give you specific action steps you can take RIGHT NOW in order to build your business. No B.S. No “Fluffy Stuff”.

But that means you actually have to DO something. That’s right, you have to take action. That’s what my stuff is intended for—so if you’re going to read every single word of this message just as “entertainment” ...and think to yourself...

.then I suggest you flick off your browser and go watch Jersey Shore.

This message is for people who have a current business... or are thinking about starting one…and want to figure out how to sell ANYTHING better so you can:

 In other words, making money will be easier for you, and you’ll experience unparalleled sustainability, control, and confidence in your business.

Imagine that. Waking up in the morning excited…knowing you’re on the right path in your business---and not just “guessing”.

And knowing where you’re business is going to be 6-12 months from now—instead of fretting whether or not you’ll be able to meet payroll or pay the bills next month.

My offliners who listen to me and take action on what I say have absolute autonomy in their businesses. They can do what they want, whatever they want, without anyone’s permission.

And how you can use these jealously-guarded secrets used by the most battle-hardened marketers to “close that gap”…so you can explode your sales and flick the “money” switch from difficult to easy.

And believe me, there IS a gap!

How A $299 Refund Revealed The TRUTH About Where Prospects REALLY Are When You Begin Your Conversation With Them:


Let me tell you a story from a while back: I got a refund request from a buyer who purchased a video marketing service for $299 at one of my network meetings recently.

The letter was dated July 2nd 2012, and I still keep the letter to use for this specific reason.

The letter is from Jenkins Maintenance Company. So this guy is in the Maintenance business and here’s his note:

Dear Lulu,

"I can't use this.My life is going
nowhere. Why
fight it? I cannot
afford it. Thanks
anyway. ...

A forlorn refund letter sent to me by a customer who requested a $299 refund for a video marketing service—showing where many of your prospects are mentally when they see your marketing message.

So something happened between the time he was jazzed up about the video marketing service and made this purchase...

…to a few days later, where he snapped back to where he really was—which sounded like he was in some abject, suicidal despair.

Of course, I was happy to give him the refund. But this simple note speaks to where many of your prospects are when you approach them with your sales message.

And keep in mind this was a BUYER. Someone who actually yanked out his wallet and bought! So just imagine what was going in on the heads of people who didn’t buy.

Where Most Of Your Prospects REALLY Are When You Approach Them With Your Marketing Message:


You see, this story illustrates that there’s a Grand Canyon-sized gap between where your prospects are starting … versus where YOU are starting when you begin your conversation with them.

You probably assume your prospects are going to be downright EXCITED when they read your sales message—and are waiting to throw money at you at will…

…and that they’re going to be receptive and read every single word you have to say with unabated breath—as they enter the “slippery slide” all the way to the order button on your sales page.

No objections. No questions. And no skepticism.

And you’re probably assuming every single customer is going to be ambitious and willing to take immediate action when they get their hands on your product, or start using your service.

But the truth is you’re going to be pretty DARN depressed at just how disinterested most prospects REALLY are.

The Blunt And Unvarnished TRUTH About Your Typical Customer (Important!)

You see, the truth about your typical customer is that he’s bored. He’s bored with what he’s doing. He’s bored with his business…he’s bored with his job, and he feels “stuck”.

You’ll be able to sell better because you’ll be able to meet them EXACTLY where they are right now when you approach them with your marketing. And Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Marketing will show you how to do that!

Most people are having a REALLY hard time out there. It’s not 2007 anymore, where families have tons of disposable income, and they can buy whatever they want.

The economy has gutted a LOT of people. They’re not spending as much, and they’re not doing interesting things and seeing interesting people.

And if they’re running a business, they’re extremely tired and lack interest in what they’re doing.

They probably thought they were going to be Ted Danson in Cheers when they opened that bar. Or they thought people were going to flock to their restaurants like that famous line from Field of Dreams.

“If You Build It, They Will Come!”

Well, the thing is, they just ain’t coming. In 2007 people were making a lot of money without having to do much to get it…but now a lot of people are suffering and discouraged because people aren’t showing up.

This has led to tiredness, lack of interest, apathy, stubbornness, lack of ambition, and no effort. In other words, they’ve mentally “checked out” and are basically going through the motions.

And if he’s working a 9-5 job, he’s probably just going through the motions AND having to put up with long commutes, a horrible boss, and crabby co-workers.

And that’s not to mention the beliefs most people have about salesman, making money, and success they might have picked up from their parents, schooling, and society in general…

…stuff that’s ingrained in their head that’s keeping your prospect from giving you money!

Of course, YOU might not be suffering…but most of your customers are. And the typical message isn’t going to “wake them up” and get them excited.

The only solution is to make your “thing” or your message more interesting to people. Sure, you can be satisfied with the typical 1-2% response rate when interested people DO read your current message. But you can do MUCH better:

How To Use The Offline Marketing Sales Debunked To Sell Your Products (And Yourself) Better!


You see, the sales approaches most Offline Marketing Sales Debunked marketers use is a LOT different. That’s because:

Have To IMMEDIATELY Enter The Conversation That’s Going On In Their Customer’s Minds In Their Sales Pitches!


And this is where most non-Offline Marketing Sales Debunked marketers fall short.

When you start implementing the approaches opportunity marketers use to your OWN businesses, you’ll be able to sell just about ANYTHING better.

That’s because you’ll be able to, as the great John Caples said, “enter the conversation that’s going in in their minds”. And if you’re like most marketers, the message your conveying to your prospects simply isn’t jiving with where they are mentally…

…Especially if you’re communicating to them in “pre-2008”, “pre-recession” language.

You’ll be able to summon immediate desire in your product or service. It’ll be like leading a hungry child to a candy shop. Or a taking a man that’s been lost in the Sahara Desert for 4 days…and leading him to water.

Because that’s the #1 thing that opportunity marketing is linked to: Desire. Opportunity marketers have to cut through YEARS of false beliefs and “stuff” in their messages to build desire in that opportunity—to the point that the prospect is willing to quit their job to partake in that opportunity!

You see, these concepts of Offline Marketing Sales Debunked marketing are probably the most ADVANCED and SOPHISTICATED concepts around…with not only working Offline Marketing Sales Debunked marketers themselves…but also implementing Offline Marketing Sales Debunked concepts in OTHER businesses.

Just ONE of the Offline Marketing Sales Debunked concepts you’ll discover in this course could lead to a HUGE profit windfall for your business (more on that later) when you discover

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked

 How To Use Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Selling Concepts To Attract More Committed Customers And Clients To Your Business Or Practice…

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked is an eBook course that contains more 14 closing sales techiques. To be clear, this is NOT training about marketing actual businesses or moneymaking opportunities. I showed MANY examples from the opportunity market—and someone who is in this market will benefit from it greatly--but this is much broader than that.

This is about selling just about ANYTHING—but certainly information products, courses, seminars, coaching programs, and business services by transforming them so they can be presented with “Offline Marketing Sales Debunked” concepts and language.

Hey, I’m Sold! I Want Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Your Marketing Expertise Now!

But the CONCEPTS and strategies about Offline Marketing Sales Debunked can easily be “cut and pasted” into your own business. That’s right, the same strategies, procedures, and approaches I reveal can be applied to sell ANYTHING better—no matter the niche, product, or service!

Ebook, 3 Bonus  Are Waiting For You To Consume And Implement So You Can Get An “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competition!


Now I want to make it clear: Offline Marketing Sales Debunked isn’t like grade school where you have to complete grades 1-12 in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Just 1 or 2 of the Offline Marketing Sales Debunked concepts could be a HUGE game changer to you. Chances are, when your inbox containing your Offline Marketing Sales Debunked course hits your inbox, you’ll immediately find a tip or 2 or that’ll allow you to:

In other words, I discourage you to try to implement every tip, tactic, and strategy you’ll discover in this training to feel like you’re “getting somewhere.” That’s like drinking from a fire hose…and it will leave you pretty DARN frustrated and confused.

You see, I go through many examples and exhibits of opportunity marketing over the span of these 10 DVDs. And one or 2 of them can be immediately applicable to your business—and lead to an immediate return on your investment in this course.

In fact, that’s EXACTLY what I recommend. When the whole course arrives at your doorstep and you go through the course, and bonuses, just focus on implementing 1 or 2 HUGE Offline Marketing Sales Debunked concepts you discover in this training….

…Instead of being overwhelmed and not doing anything at all—and allowing a competitor to eat your lunch!

Enough Already!  Send Offline Marketing Sales Debunked To Me Right Now!

That’s just how DAMN powerful these concepts are. And if you’re just thinking about starting a business, this will give you a “head start” over other marketers (including your competitors)!

Here’s Just SOME Of The Advanced And Sophisticated Strategies That Could Blow Your Business Wide Open!


Holy COW! That’s A Lot Of Stuff. Let Me Into Lulu, So I Can Start Applying These Concepts!

Now I’m probably going to sound like a broken record before this is over with, but I’m going to stress that:

If Your Business Involves Trading A Product/Service For Money, Then Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Concepts Marketing Is Perfect For You!

And last I checked, this goes for ALL businesses!

Sure the easiest thing you can do to utilize these strategies is to implement them in an info-marketing business. As that’s what most products in the business opportunity field consist of.

But don’t be the one that dismisses what I teach in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked just because it isn’t in your specific market. ALL these concepts can be applied to your business or practice.

For example:

1  …If you market to dentists.

2 …If you market to chiropractors.

3 …If you market to the insurance industry.

4 …If you market to financial planners.

5…If you market to fitness instructors.

6…if you market to lawyers.   

7…If you market to restaurants.

8…If you market to real estate agents.

I’m Ready!  Send me Offline Marketing Sales Debunked  So I Can Start Applying These Tips To My Business!

I share with you these examples to not only give you ideas for your own marketing, but to show you that the tips and tactics you’ll discover in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked transcends ANY business…not just the narrow “get rich, make money” niche.

Point blank: it’ll make you sell ANYTHING better than you’re doing right now!

So, How Much Is It Worth To YOU To Potentially Double Or Even TRIPLE Your Response And Client/Customer/Patient Acquisition?

Listen: just ONE tip, strategy, technique, that you learn from Offline Marketing Sales Debunked could create a huge “A-Ha” moment for you.

When you’re literally able to close the gap between where prospects are mentally—and where YOU are when you come to them, you’ll experience greater sales and your business will become bullet-proof.

Things will just seem a little easier. And ensuing wealth and prosperity will follow.

And you’ll no longer wake up and “guestimate” where you’re going to get your next client or customer 6…12…18 months from now.

And I guarantee you’re probably not using the advanced concepts I teach in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked …

For example, just one small “tweak” of your closing story could lead to a HUGE boost in conversions. Or just one small change to your sales process could lead to QUANTUM leaps in your sales.

If I haven’t hammered this home yet, then I’m going to do it right now: Selling opportunity is probably one of the most “cutthroat” markets out there—and the do things just a TAD differently than you are probably doing right now.

Yes Lulu, I Want To Sell Better! Rush Me Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Right Now!

Nobody else out there is talking about this. And, while the usual “needle in a haystack” approach to marketing is probably enough to make you a good living…you can easily start selling more immediately, and explode your reach by implementing what I teach in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked.

So you can imagine that I would have you pay “at least” $197…since you’re basically getting the actionable content.

But I’m not going to charge you that. I’m not even going to charge you HALF of the price of the seminar.

But instead I’m going to give you a break and let you in on these advanced Offline Marketing Sales Debunked for a relatively low price of $17.00.

And, believe me, this is a downright BARGAIN considering that…  

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Was Designed For You To Make Your Investment Back Within 30 Days!

And here’s why: This course is so powerful that just 1-2 concepts from Offline Marketing Sales Debunked can make up the cost of the course within 30 days.

Best part: it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. It doesn’t matter the business. Offline Marketing Sales Debunked will help you sell your product/service a LOT better than you’re doing right now.

And results can be FAST. I tend to loathe “get rich quick” schemes and products that promise “pushbutton” riches. But the concepts I reveal in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked are designed to offer QUICK results.

It’s like having a professional quarterback like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers who have RAW physical talent. If you give them a set of “mediocre” plays, they’re not going to be effective on the field.

But if you give them a playbook opposing defenses have NEVER seen before… containing plays that will totally catch the opponent off guard and boosts their chances of winning…they end up becoming unstoppable.

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked is your playbook. You already have the raw talent in your market as a lawyer, chiropractor, dentist, copywriter, coach, insurance agent, and real estate agent.

And the advanced techniques you’ll discover in this training will allow you to create closing messages that “hit home” for your customers, clients, and patients…and are WAY more powerful than what you’re doing now.

Think about how much an extra 3-5 clients/month will mean to you and your bottom line. How about getting 2-3 extra clients a month? Or 100 extra customers buying your product or service?

When you consider you could almost invent an entire 2nd business based on what I share in Offline Marketing Sales Debunked, the price I’m asking you for this course is pretty DARN cheap…considering you can easily make your investment back in 30 days.

And that’s what this course is designed to do. You’re going to get 14 closing techinques of “soup-to-nuts” training on Offline Marketing Sales Debunked that’ll make you sell your product or service a LOT better than what you’re doing now. And you could make your investment back in just 30 days…at least!

But Don’t Worry, I’m Going To Give You An “Out” If You’re Not Satisfied!

Listen, I know you might be a little skeptical. And I know you’ve been pitched all kinds of “shiny objects” that promised to shove dollar bills into your wallet like a Vacuum on steroids.

Don’t worry, I get it. That’s why I’m going to give you a “no brainer” guarantee 75 days if you are not closing more leads from today.

That’s right:

Like the guy that asked for a refund earlier in the letter, I have no problems with giving refunds to customers who request them.

That’s because, on average, 94% of my customers end up KEEPING my course since they’re getting such immense value from them. That’s because they’re getting true “Renegade” marketing strategies that are helping them make more money and living the lifestyle they desire.

And they know they’ll be back to purchase my next product—since they know they can add more closing techniques to their arsenal that’ll immediately pay for their investment in this course and more.

In fact..

I Know That The People Who Are Committed to Closing More Sales Are Probably Ordering Right Now!

They truly “get it”. They know that the closing sales is WAY more important than the “thing” that they do. And that means presenting the most compelling message to the right market.

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked will present to you a myriad of ways you can communicate to your prospects and customers in a way that resonates where they are right now in their lives.

If you miss out on this, then you’re going to be “stuck” at getting the usual 1-2% conversions using the “needle in a haystack” approach to marketing: sending out a mass advertisement, filtering out the interested prospects through a lead generator, and following up with them and hope and pray they’ll buy.

Yes, I Want To Explode My Conversions. Send Me The FULL Offline Marketing Sales Debunked Now!

So you can be satisfied with the conversions you’re experiencing right now—and the income you’re bringing in. Be fine with your current profits and settle for the fact that this is probably as good as it’s gonna get thanks to this economy.

OR you can “double down” and get the ultimate playbook that’ll allow you to sell ANYTHING better. That means more income and alternative business opportunities that’ll put you on the fast track to success.

Believe me, it’s a no brainer. Offline Marketing Sales Debunked is the most “dog-eat-dog” market out there and they HAVE to “shake” their prospect awake with their sales message.

And now for the first time ever, you can have these strategies in your arsenal that’ll allow you to sell more, experience greater control and sustainability in your business, and sleep better at night with confidence that you can make money at will—with no guessing.

It’s your choice. Most will turn this down and be satisfied with the “way things are”. And that’s OK. This course was designed for people who truly “get it”.

But you read this far because there’s something “missing”. You know you should be doing better than you are right now. But the sales and clients might not be flowing like they used to 2…3…4…5 years earlier and you want to fix this!

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked is here for you. I guarantee you’ll find an example, lesson, strategy, or tactic that’ll get you rarin’ to implement—and could be a huge turning point in your business—and life.

And remember, you’re covered by my 75 day guarantee. If you don’t like it, just let me know it for whatever reason. So you essentially get to use Offline Marketing Sales Debunked for free.

So you simply cannot make a mistake here. Get an unfair advantage in your marketplace and show the friends and family that have doubted you all this time what you can REALLY do in your business!

Claim your copy of Offline Marketing Sales Debunked right now…while it’s still hot on your mind.

Yes Lulu! I Want To Discover How To Sell To My Prospects Better By Borrowing Time-Tested And PROVEN Offline Marketing Sales Debunked My Competitors Will NEVER Know!

So with that in mind, please rush me the full course and 3 bonuses right now so I can start implementing these opportunity concepts and strategies in my business…and start experiencing more revenue and profits!

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked


Lulu Chil

P.S. We are living in challenging times. Prospects aren’t responding like they did in 2007 before the economy crashed. There’s a whole new set of “stuff” that’s going in in your prospect’s head that’s making it harder for them yank out their wallet and buy.

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked will help you close the canyon-sized gap between what your prospect is REALLY thinking…and your current sales message. These strategies are used by opportunity marketers who use different sales approaches than you’re probably using right now to connect to where their prospect is mentally.

This will allow you to tap into your customer’s desire—which is the hallmark of opportunity marketing. You’ll be able to greatly elevate your profits and revenues using these “little-known” concepts when you claim your copy of Offline Marketing Sales Debunked today!

Offline Marketing Sales Debunked

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