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Dear Internet Marketers,

Every savvy Internet Marketer knows that 'Content is King'.

Good content will lead to engaged readers, responsive subscribers, authority status, high search engine ranking and more sales.

What many Internet Marketers' fail to realize is that 90% of the commissions earned by bloggers, comes from clicks on links in their blogs content. They completely overlook internal anchor text links from a content conversion perspective...

If you are serious about exploding your blogs earning capacity, then it is essential that you optimize every link on your blog to boost clicks and sales..

The sad fact is that most blogs, sniper sites and autoblogs set up to make money online, FAIL MISERABLY...

Why is this happening? Well there are several reasons:

Friends, the truth is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. 20% of the Marketers are making 80% of the money.

You literally haven't a chance competing against these marketer's if your site is losing 95 out of every 100 visitor thanks to poor internal link optimization.

What are the Highest Earning Internet Marketers Doing Differently?

Google's recent Panda and Penguin updates have decimated the lively hoods of many Internet Marketers.

Sites that were once earning thousands per month on autopilot, suddenly didn't earn a cent. With Traffic obliterated, CTRs decimated, and commissions eliminated once thriving sites are now worthless.

Given the widespread nature of the problem I embarked on a detailed analysis pouring over thousands of statistics from both my self and other marketer's sites.

Using detailed statistics from link tracking software I put every element of a successful money making site under the microscope.

I quickly discovered underlying patterns from the many different types of money making sites examined.

Several months later I connected all the dots, and formulated it into a revolutionary Wordpress plugin that is going to change how Internet Marketers make money online.

Today I'd like to give you the opportunity to snap up a copy of this game changing plugin at a very special introductory price...

Introducing "WP Linkizer"

WP Linkizer is a game changing Wordpress plugin that is going to revolutionize your sites ability to earn you fat commission checks..

Effectively the Plugin will automatically create high conversion links inside your blogs content, and optimize those links to explode the Click Through rate and sales.

When you grab your copy of 'WP Linkizer' today, here is just a small selection of the incredible features you will gain access to:

The Benefits

The benefits to you are immense:

  1. You'll turn every page on your blog, sniper site or autoblog into a finely tuned money making machine
  2. You'll explode your 'Click Through Rates' which will have a knock on effect on your conversions and sales
  3. Your On Page SEO will be heavily optimized thus exploding traffic from the SERPs on autopilot
  4. Your site will be so optimized that it will squeeze the maximum possible clicks and sales out of every single site visitor
  5. By automatically increasing internal CTRs in your content Google will boost your quality score. This can lead to authority status and a mega boost in traffic and sales

All these things are possible when you install the 'WP Linkizer' plugin on your blog today...

The Proof

Google is the Master when it comes to turning clicks into profits. It thus says alot when they are advising their Adsense clients that the most lucrative place to put their links is inside their content. 

Nothing is going to optimize the ability of these links to make money more than WP Linkizer...

Software giants 'Intuit' back up the importance of using 'WP Linkizer' when they argue that anchor text phrases are one of the most important parts of a webpage when it comes to split testing and monetization... 

So there you have both 'Google' and 'Intuit' illustrating that there is a very real need for 'WP Linkizer' when it comes to maximizing the sales your website makes...

In the following example I put 3 different anchor text phrases into WP Linkizer, each rotating every 100 views. Incredibly the second anchor text phrase 'increase your drives by 30 yards' got 18 times more clicks than anchor text phrase 1. 

In this context the system will automatically default to phrase one. Now imagine if you had this working for every single link on all your sites, you would absolutely sky rocket your blogs commissions on autopilot like no other plugin out there....

Originally Posted by DGH Couglan;
This plugin is absolutely brilliant. I think we are all guilty of throwing up the content and hoping for the best. This plugin will scientifically test all your clickable links inside your content, find the highest converting phrase for every anchor text link, and automatically default to that phrase for maximized clicks and commissions. Considering it does this for every link on every page in your blog, I truly believe that there is not a single plugin out there that will make you more money with the same traffic in the fastest amount of time than WP Linkizer. The concept is brilliant, the application even better. Thanks guys for a truly wonderful plugin that is not only going to save me a HUGE amount of time, but is going to make me an awful lot more money.

DGH Coughlan
Originally Posted by Bill Horgan;
This plugin is an 'ALL-In-One' Game Changer. Its benefit span the full spectrum of IM mission critical operations... It will optimize every link in every site you own to squeeze the maximum clicks and sales possible out of every site visitor. Not only will it make you more money, but it will do so automatically in the fastest time possible. The SEO benefits are huge. The fact it rotates multiple anchor text phrase at each location means that every time Google visits your site your content has updated. Google will see you keep your content upto date thus boost your quality score. Furthermore the LSI benefit will give your onpage SEO a huge boost. I've no doubt this will have a dramatic positive effect on your search engine ranking...

Bill Horgan
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I'm MAO Flynn and along with my partner KME Byrne, we look forward to seeing you on the inside.

P.S. This plugin is PROVEN to maximize clicks on your site links and sky rocket your earnings

P.P.S It's a plugin so if you simply install it in your Wordpress site and it will generate excellent results