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I bought the Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book and I am amazed with the information provided in it. It's a workable system to get huge free targeted traffic and views to your videos. It's really a bargain to buy it in this price. I highly recommend it to everybody who wants to earn some serious money from Youtube.
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I have had a chance to go through Jawad's report … YouTube Dollar Tornado

It was delivered in .PDF format and is 40-pages in length.

Jawad is a very successful Internet marketer and he is sharing his YouTube strategies with us.

He is explaining everything, by using a step-by-step manner, with screen-shots ......................
that make it very easy to understand and learn from.

This report is newbie friendly.

However, the more experienced marketer should pick up several Golden-Nuggets that will help them to increases their traffic and bottom-line.

From his experience he shares many options that you can use for increasing your traffic to your money-sites or squeeze-pages … this is excellent, with quite a few details included.

I recommend that you do the work yourself for the first one or two videos, after that if you wish to scale up your income, it becomes quite easy to outsource.

In my opinion, this report is under-priced and does over-deliver with solid information on ..................
working with YouTube videos and being able to make a comfortable living.

All the best … Ron
Hi, my name is Jawad! After many trial and errors, finally! I have figured out a system that if you apply exactly how I will teach you in my Youtube Dollar Tornado guide, it will bring you flood of FREE targeted traffic to ANY of your niche site, product or video from Youtube that will make you MASSIVE money. Guaranteed!

No matter in which niche you are. You are an Affiliate marketer, CPA marketer or just an Adsense earner, this system works for everybody and for ANY niche. You will be getting tons of free targeted traffic and your visitors will be making you money day and night clockwise totally on autopilot. Yes! It's a set and forget system.

I applied this system on one of my Youtube Adsense channel, for a Physical Product promotion, CPA Offers, Adbrite Ads site and for some CB affiliate products and it gave me AMAZING Results!.

See the image below, how fast my traffic is increasing day by day. You can see this is my December 2011's real time traffic stats.

See 7,077 unique visitors and 17,293 page impressions per day. And these all are in less than a month of applying this system. Think how much money you can make with these 7,000+ unique visitors a day?

This one made me €5,328.29 in December 2011 & €3,964.36 in November 2011 from one of Youtube Adsense channel. $1,100+ from another Youtube channel promoting Physical product, $3,200 from the 3rd channel promoting CPA offers and almost $500 from 4th Youtube channel. See the proofs below with your own eyes.

From Adsense:

While promoting a Physical Product:

From Adbrite:

From A CPA Network:
This system made me $50,000+ in Affiliate Profits by applying a little sneaky trick in the Youtube Dollar Tornado system with Clickbank & physical products. So, would you like to make so much money with my tested & proven Youtube Marketing system? Then Download Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book NOW in $47 Only & Start Making REAL Money Today!

Q. Ok, How much time will take this system to apply for?

A. It will take only few hours and as soon you will finish the work that you will learn in the Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book, you will start seeing the traffic coming in immediately and will start making money.

Q. What you will learn inside the Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book?

A. You will learn the secrets of driving targeted traffic using Youtube that Video marketing gurus don't want you to know. You will learn how to promote ANYTHING on Youtube, how to FORCE Youtube to listened to your videos for higher rankings, how to make real money promoting ANY type of affiliate or physical products on Youtube effectively, how to do Youtube SEO properly, how to build quality list using Youtube, how to get tons of free Targeted Youtube views and visitors totally on autopilot, how to use Youtube for local marketing as an offline business and plus so much more.

Q. How much money you will be able to make?

A. See, it depends on the niche that you choose but if you apply my secret tips, tricks and methods, you will see some great results.

Q. How long it will take you to implement the system?

A. As I wrote the e-Book to the point without any fluff that's why it will not take you so long to read, understand and to implement the tricks. The information inside this e-Book is really very precious. It includes 9 steps, tips, tricks and a caution.

Q. After buying this e-Book may I need to buy anything else too?

A. I have explained both ways for you. With Zero cost, you need to work hard manually and it will take much of your time to see good results. Although If you can invest little money in this system then will see the results fast. Even with Zero Cost system, you don't have to buy views for your videos, I will show you how to get more and more targeted views, favorites, comments, channel views 100% for FREE.

Q. Is there any bonus included with Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book?

A. Yes! There is a special bonus updated for you and that's EXACT same method which made me $50K+ in Affiliate Profits Using Youtube in this e-Book. Plus some bonus money making methods using Youtube. More ever when you will buy Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book, you will get traffic generating 3 great hot software (Article sender Blog link maker, RSS Sender), worth $1,185 and the Yahoo Answers Exposed e-Book all these are free with it as a bonus.

Q. So! How much is its price?

A. To be sincere and straight, I will charge you One time Fee $47 Only! that's it. But it doesn't fool you, it's an introducing price. I will sell it in $197 in CB soon.

So, if you are interested to discover the fastest way of driving targeted traffic from Youtube to make the big money fast then simply click the add to cart button below for payment process.

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See! if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product just send me an email and I will refund your whole money, no questions asked. Now! you have my iron clad 100% money back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, if you still don't buy we will be still friends but you will miss this golden opportunity forever....

Don't think just take decision Right Now & secure your future with Youtube marketing.

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See What People Are Saying About My Youtube Dollar Tornado Product. 

Hobsdv: Its a very detailed step-by-step ebook guide.

I will be honest if your an experienced Youtube marketer then you probably know 75% of whats in this ebook.

If your new to youtube marketing or you have some experience then this ebook is for you and well worth the $47.

You will learn a some very good methods for both creating your accounts and promoting videos, even i learned something and ive been using Youtube for years.

Overall rating 4/5.

Steelhorse: This is not new for me, but he did put a twist on it. easy to follow, it has step by step insturction that are though. a newbie could follow this, easy to set up, shouldn't take long , Im going to set up a couple of video's go from there.

Michael Fiske: It looks like a workable system to generate lots of YouTube views & targeted traffic.

Like the other reviewers, I would agree that this is probably best suited for newbies, since I was already familiar with a lot of this material.

But there are new twists - finding a large number of keywords and combining those with a specific traffic source from YouTube itself to generate a large number of views on autopilot. This is the core method.

I haven't tested this to see if it works, but it looks like it would.

There is also a bonus method -- a detailed walk through of a method to increase affiliate sales of Clickbank products. The method is not new, but is described very completely.


Ronr: I would agree with the other reviews. Good amount of detail. Good information if you are fairly new to youtube. A twist or two that I will apply to some of my own methods.

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Read More Review About The Youtube Dollar Tornado e-Book

Here is My Review

This 38 pages ebook is perfect for newbies to get started with Video marketing. No investment required. As a matter of fact, this is not a make money overnight method. OP has clearly explained the basics and a few twists/tips that'd help boosting views and gaining traffic the same way. Learners may find the tips useful.

My Rating: 8.5/10 for newbies & 7/10 for gurus
Thank you for your time.

China_girl: Luckily I did not miss out on this wonderful opportunity I got The eBook explains the whole process in detail for targeting, infect more than 10k visitors to your site or blog from youtube I would recommend all the DP members reading this thread to go for it and grab the opportunity at unbelievable price. I am also going to suggest my friends for this eBook.

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Ok, Not Enough? Read More Review Below...
Peter Helps:Before I give you my review, I feel like I have to tell you that when it comes to YouTube, I am more of an intermediate to advanced marketer. In fact, I am in the process of releasing my own YouTube marketing product which will contain over a dozen of traffic strategies from Youtube.

Now, onto the review...

First of all, this pdf is 38 pages long with steps with many screen shots. This is good because it allows the reader to follow the process much easier. While reading the product, you can tell that English is the author's second language. This doesn't bother me because English is MY Second language as well and in the end, all I care about is the strategies. But I know that some people on the WF would like to know that.

Second, the author goes over properly creating a Youtube account, uploading videos for SEO purposes so they rank high and some tricks to get more views for your videos.

3rd, the author provides a very good method for making more money on Youtube at in the ebook. Personally, I know of many marketers out there who use that method every day.

All in all, this ebook is good for newbies. I think that is you have been in the Youtube game for some time, bought some Youtube products, then you probably know about 80% of the stuff in there. Personally, I know about 95% that was in that ebook.

I am sure if you put the outlined methods in the work, you'll see some great results.

Thanks again for the review copy Jawad and I wish you much success with your ebook.
Congo: You get 40 pages of solid information no fluff just meat. I buy a lot of information about Youtube marketing so there's not a lot of information that's new to me on this subject but some of them is new to me. There are two bonuses, the first bonus is pretty cool the second a little more complicated and requires some cash to get it going. Although there's an alternate easy solution provided for it in the ebook. The main course you can do without cash unless you want to outsource, plus you get some decent resources as well. I'll give you a thumbs up on this product guy and thanks for allowing me to review it.
UAEW: I Bought the Book its really what every internet marketer looking for, I don't like to keep long review , but i highly recommend to grab this product.
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Thank you for your time.