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After Countless Thousands Of Hours Of Testing Here Are My Best Video Marketing Secrets I've Discovered...

Publisher's Note From Maureen

I am one of a handful of individuals who have secured publisher rights to the letter below written by Jason Fladlien.

I have gotten extreme value from this, so I wish to pass it along and share it with you. Enjoy!


If you know where to go, you can get the highest quality, most professional looking videos made... for a few bucks and few minutes of your time. (I'll show you in a bit).

This one took me years to figure out.

Want to create high converting video sales letters using a simple 6 step formula that takes about half an hour to master?

After creating hundreds of such videos I have it down to an exact science that you can easily follow.

What About These?

I can show you things like how to make any video stream perfectly for almost any internet connection without hiccups, pauses or waiting for the video to load.

I can show you how to sweeten the audio quality with two simple tricks you can perform for free. Screen capture software? I give you the best FREE alternative to Camtasia and Screenflow - plus show you some really cool screen capturing tricks.

Perhaps hottest right now: I show you how to sell video using Amazon's "video-on-demand" service (you'll love the royalty structure).

All this (and more!) is contained in a new training manual I just finished that - for a limited time - you can get for a super low price. More on that in a second. First...

Why I Can Show You Video Secrets You've
Never, Ever Heard About Before

My name is Jason Fladlien and I've sold several million dollars of stuff online. Software, info products, coaching, services... you name I've done it.

I also have a long list of consulting clients whose names you would recognize. I've not only tested and perfected my strategies in my own businesses... but worked with coaching clients to use these video marketing secrets successfully in 46 different nicihes.

A lot of the tactics you're about to discover allowed me to start a new business, and in less than a year have the business bring in over $1,000,000!


Income Totals

that's why it's with great pleasure I introduce to you my brand new training manual called Video Mystic - where I share my most powerful video marketing secrets.

When you download the Video Mystic PDF today, flip it right open to page 4. That's where you're going to discover...

How To Create Pro Quality Videos For A Few Bucks & A Few Minutes Of Time!

I show you how, step-by-step, in the first chapter of Video Mystic. Plus you'll discover:

Next, move on to the second chapter where you'll find out...

How To Create Video Sales Letters 
That Convert Like Crazy

First, I give you the six step formula.

Then, I show you the best ways to easily script out each of the six steps in minutes.

Finally, I show you how to record the video sales letter in one take, effortlessly. You do realize your only hope for sellilng products above the $47 is to be good at video sales letters, don't you?

Let's break down each step really quick, plus what you'll discover from each step:

  1. Grab Attention - there are four techniques I use to grab attention. I reveal each of these four with examples.
  2. Create Intrigue - there are only two ways I use to create intrigue. I reveal both. With the right intrigue you will have people glued to your videos.
  3. Differentiate - do this and all other options the viewer might consider vanish, except one - buying your stuff. There are 3 ways I differentiate, and you'll get them all!
  4. Set Up The Offer - this is where most marketers lose boatloads of sales, because they don't do this correctly. I show you a simple way to perform this flawlessly.
  5. Present The Offer - just plug your offer into my "flow process" and you'll automatically be putting your product in the best light possible - which will result in more sales.
  6. Take Away The Offer - this last step knocks all the fence sitters off of "maybe" and into buying territory. You need it. I show you how.

Bonus: in this chapter I also reveal how I use wikipedia and's "look inside" technique to create some of the most compelling video openers ever, without even trying!

Streaming Video Mistakes Erased

Most marketers don't know how to stream their videos so that the video doesn't stall... pause... hiccup... or otherwise repel a good portion of their website visitors.

I show you a simple math formula that will allow your video to stream flawlessly -- without any interruption -- for 99.5% of Internet users - and even for most mobile phone users!

By the way, it has NOTHING to do with the length of your video. I don't care if it's 8 minutes or 8 hours, this technique works just the same.

Best of all, it will save you money in hosting and bandwidth costs... plus make you money, because the more people who can easily watch your videos... the more money you'll make!

Screen Capture Tactics

Already spent $299 for Camtasia? Cool, we break down some stuff on that. However, if you haven't - cool! I got you covered as well.

In this chapter, I reveal the best free screen capture alternatives that exist on the Internet - which work equally well for PC or Mac. In addition, I show you the best low cost alternatives to Camtasia.

In fact, one source I reveal even lets you embed the recorder into a web page and let's your customers record screen capture videos for you!

By the way, if you think CamStudio is a good free screen capture offer...think again. I advise you to avoid this solution and use the other free ones I recommend instead.

Plus you'll discover...

YouTube Secrets

With the right methods, you can pretty much tweak YouTube's video player to do whatever you want.

For example, you can embed a YouTube video on your site that starts at 37 seconds into the video instead of at the start.

You can hide the YouTube logo, you can strip the controls, and more.

Would you like to know how to do this without being a "tech geek?" You'll love how I break it down for you so simply. By the time you're done with this chapter, you'll be a whiz with the YouTube video player.

PowerPoint Tactics

I make a lot of PowerPoint videos. I can script out a video in PowerPoint in a few minutes because of a technique I use called "no mouse allowed."

When writing your PowerPoint outline, you should never click on a slide or text box or even the outline. Instead I show you exactly how to write your script effortlessly...

WHILE laying it out in PowerPoint professionally... without using your mouse at all. Just the keyboard and two commands.

This makes creating videos as easy as taking notes in notepad.

In addition, I show you some really sweet PowerPoint text and image effects. For example, with one click you can remove the background of an image in PowerPoint. Did you know that?

You can also, with just one click, create some of the coolest picture and text styles I've ever seen.

Getting Traffic With PowerPoint Files

All the PowerPoint slides you create for your marketing videos should be submitted to these four sites.

One of these sites, for example generated 589,012 visitors for "how to solve a rubix cube". Another 6-slide PowerPoint presentation generated 47,000+ views from this one site!

This is leverage at its finest.

You already have the PowerPoint file you created for your video. Just take the extra minute to submit it to these four sites and don't be surpirsed when you start getting traffic for that one minute of effort.

How To Publish DVDs On Amazon

Everybody publishes ebooks and phsyical books on - but I don't see anyone talking about publishing DVDs on Amazon.

If you have a product recorded on video, you might as well put it on Amazon as well. It's an extra distribution channel that will do marketing -- and make sales for you!

Best of all: if your video is over 20 minutes, you can simultaneously publish on Amazon's "video on demand" service. Now people can rent or even buy a digital file of your video directly from Amazon.

If you think this is the wave of the future - you're aboslutely right! That's why you need to do it now before everybody else FINALLY discovers this...when a big guru sells a course on it for $1,997.

The Price You Pay Today... 
You'll LOVE THIS...

There is no doubt the Video Mystic guide is worth thousands of dollars in terms of value.

In my younger, hungrier days I'd have pushed this real hard at a $97 price tag. I would've pitched it on webinars, added a bunch of bonuses and made a reasonable profit on it.

Now, since I'm in charge of software company with lots of staff - and have so many things on my plate - I'm not going to agressively price this at $97 or even $67 (yet).

I'm going to put an initial introductory offer on this for $37 as of now. Eventually I will raise the price on this like I do with all my info products following the initial launch.

So get it now while you can, for just $37. Which is an incredible deal, especially when you factor in..

The 100% No Questions Asked 
Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't happy, I'm not either. Buy Video Mystic today and check it out. If for any reason today, tomorrow, or any time during the next 30 days you feel this wasn't all it was cracked up to be, you can get your money back.

Just contact me, Maureen, and I'll personally return every penny of your purchase back to you - no questions asked.

Since you risk nothing and gain everything, click the add to cart button now and within minutes you'll be diving into some killer video secrets!

P.S.: When you sign up NOW, you also get a specal bonus tutorial on how to set up your videos on Amazon S3. This report sells for $17 here, but it's yours free when you sign up now.


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