How To Make Money Online Niche


I’ve started many newsletters and reports with the following line:

‘I get a lot of emails from….’


But it’s true so here’s another one  :P


I get a lot of emails from people who are struggling to get into online marketing. The main problem that most people seem to have is breaking in to the ‘how to make money’ niche of Internet Marketing.


There are a couple of things I need to say about this niche (and it IS a niche).


Firstly despite what people say, it’s NOT saturated, over subscribed or full of scams.


BUT there is a lot of competition, there are scams and it is probably the first niche that most new marketers try to get into, hence there’s a lot of bad information around.


Secondly, it’s an incredibly lucrative market if you get it right. There’s a lot of money to be made from supplying genuine, workable information to people who are looking to start their own online business.


So here’s how to get into the


‘How To Make Money’


Niche of Internet Marketing

The gurus and established marketers who tell you not to bother because it’s too competitive are scared of the competition.

They don’t want their nice little cash cows taken to the slaughterhouse by some newbie who

just might have the personality and flair to attract subscribers and buyers away from the big guys.

There is plenty of room in the HTMMN (‘How to make money niche’ – so I don’t have to type it every time) for anyone.

I’ll repeat that –

ANYONE - who is honest and forthright about their own online experiences. I’ll tell you how I started in a little while but for now here are a couple of notions that I’d advise taking into consideration.

Don’t BS people – most of them are much more intelligent than you are. Among my subscribers are Doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergy, scientists and a hundred other different types of people whom I’d be embarrassed to sit next to during a quiz show.


The fact that I’m making more money online than most of them, doesn’t matter one iota. I have the maximum respect for my subscribers, and that includes the single Moms, the unemployed dads, the students, the senior citizens and everyone else.


Sure I get it wrong from time to time and people aren’t shy about emailing me to tell me about it! But on the whole I can say hand on heart that I try to be as straight talking and honest about Internet Marketing as possible.


Because if I’m not – people will spot it a mile away and my rep will hit the dirt faster than I can blink.


That’s where most people trying to get into HTMMN get it sooooooo wrong.


Every time I browse the IM forums I see posts from supposed experts who ask questions like ‘How can I make $100 a month from Internet Marketing?’


A fair question that deserves a fair answer, but then below the post, on the poster’s signature file is an ad (that he’s selling) that reads


Want to earn $10,000 a week like I do?


It always makes me smile that someone can be stony broke but pretending to make $10,000 a week in order to sell an ebook or software or whatever...


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