The Philosophy of Youthing by Jennifer Webb

The Philosophy of Youthing: Conceptual Mind Engineering

Embrace The Philosophy of 'Youthing' Instead of 'Ageing'

This new Philosophy of Youthing can rejuvenate the spirit and the mind, which in turn moves the body. Excitement, enthusiasm for things we love, and looking forward to life’s new treasures are all birthrights!


Really, you were taught that growing older is the scariest thing in the world. Well, now you will find out that it isn’t! All you needed was a new change in perspective!

It is amazing that by changing your philosophical credo into a more harmonious philosophy, you can find a way to live in ‘Age Harmony’ with the number that your birth date dictates!

You will now have the chance to embrace the philosophy of 'Youthing'! 

Be younger than older, starting today and for the rest of your life!

This new perspective of 'Youthing' through time is very powerful!

You will realize that since you were born, you have lived to this very moment as deemed by God’s good grace! This realization is very important, because it prompts righteous gratitude and sincere humbleness for the sacred gift of time and of your life! For you are getting ready to find out how to be eternally youthful! This gift of 'Youthing' is a Universal Paradigm Shifter!

Now it is time to see that time is on your side, and that you are really 'Youthing', as you grow!

Best Wishes!

To read more on this philosophy, and to find out how this new perspective will create a universal paradigm shift in the way you view growing through time, please consider ordering the ebook. This powerful and life changing new mind engineering concept has 14 pages and is a downloaded as pdf.

Thank you for your interest on The Philosophy of Youthing!

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The Philosophy of Youthing: Conceptual Mind Engineering

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