Mastering Skintones in Acrylics E-book

This ebook is a great resource for anyone struggling with creating skintones in acrylics - something every painting newbie struggles with! If you have an artsy audience, they'll want this book!

This ebook contains:

-Skin tone mixing color theory (how these colors are made and how to fix them when they go wrong)
-Basic skin tone painting rules of thumb and best practices
-Walkthroughs of two complete portrait paintings, including pictures of the palette and the names of the exact colors used to mix the skin tones
-Skin tone mixing recipes you can use to easily mix skin tones yourself (including step by step pictures of each recipe)
-Printable resources to put in your sketchbook or hang on your wall for easy cheat sheet access!
-45 pages in PDF format
-60 pictures

All for an excellent price, and very generous commission. Thanks for looking, and I hope to work with you soon!

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