Ten Steps To A Dynamic Marriage Coaching Program

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There's no denying that traditional marriage is under assault! Look around- there are plenty of opportunities for men and women alike to have their deepest emotional needs met outside of marriage. Just maintaining a thriving career, parenting, and personal health and goal fulfillment leaves today's couples more stressed and busier than ever. There's only so much pressure a body can take before something has to give. Sadly, for many, what gives is the care and nurture of their marital relationship, their most valuable treasure, and the results are disastrous.

There's hardly a week that goes by that we don't hear of our favorite celebrity break-up, but what about your clients marriages? Have you stopped to imagine the multitude of losses one would experience when something happens to a marriage? There's loss of financial stability, loss of friends and support relationships, often a move from a beloved neighborhood and the security of “home” as they know it. Perhaps the most heartbreaking of all is learning to live with the memories of what once was vibrant and vital, never to be again.

No one goes into a marriage planning to fail, or looks forward to a future devoid of companionship. But as the old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, your plan will fail,” and somewhere along the way, life happens, and the focus shifts away from each other, and the plan, and the dream, begins to fail.

Do your clients have a plan? I mean, who has time (and money) for that, anyway? But, when one stops to contemplate the great devastation that accompanies a failed marriage, can anyone afford not to pursue “happy ever after” with all they've got?

I'm Elizabeth Reames, Bridal Consultant and Life Coach, and I specialize in strengthening marriages. Trust me, vibrant, enjoyable marriages are possible, and no one ever need feel the pain and anguish of a failed marriage.

That's why I developed Ten Steps To A Dynamic Marriage, a unique coaching and mentoring program perfect for couples at all ages and stages! Whether your clients are engaged, newlywed, or in second or subsequent marriages, we've got the plan, and a format that's accessible and affordable. Best of all, while your clients learn about their partner and strengthen their marriage they will also have fun!

Drawing on my 20+ years experience as a private school educator and curriculum author, I've developed a program unlike any you've experienced before! When couples enroll in my online program, they will receive: Ten Chapter E-book Curriculum with Workbook Page Downloads, General E-Mail Support, 6 Months access to our Customized* Coaching Podcast (12 episodes), access to a private Member's Forum, Bonus Webinar's, and Video Introductions/Afterwords Outlining the Focus of Each Chapter.

While developing our products and promotional materials, my team and I researched Affiliate Forums to find out what partners like you want and need to succeed with our program. To this end, when you sign up and are approved to work with us, we provide: Banners, a Special Report with Marriage Statistics, Live Links that lead to a three-part Video Sales Letter/Funnel, "About" Video, Sample of our unique Curriculum, and Quarterly Contests with Prizes for Top Performing Affiliates, plus our generous lifetime commission pay-outs!
We're in the process of developing additional Coaching and Mentoring products in the Self-Help niche, so there is room for advancement if you become one of our tried and trusted affiliate partners!

We look forward to speaking with you!

*Podcast is “customized” when program participants email their most pressing concerns to Elizabeth. Twice a month Elizabeth will offer customized “coaching” on the two or three top topics requested.

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