Imagine an android application summoning unreal radionic power on your Samsung, Nexus or HTC. Imagine accessing that power while on the road... or next to your loved one. Yes. We were inspired by the sublime genius of Ernie Vega, Karl Welz, Norberto Claudio and Charles Cosimano. And this creation may be our last innovation for the year.

The Ultimate Wishmaster. On your phone. psionics for your phone

Runs on Android platforms with 800Mhz minimum
Includes psionic energy music library
Includes psionic symbols
Standard Pentacles
Standard Hebraic
Ethereally channeled Chaos Sigils for every purpose imaginable - very powerful. You will feel a rush from these.Includes the famed Pheromone Generator sigil we've released in special workshops.
Psi and Physical operations
Embedded with direct link to a decomissioned Godcaster Array. Hence even without your own chi generator, your copy will tap the powerful forces of a 2012 Godcaster
Turbo Blast mode being developed. In honor of a masterful caster it is called the JClaudio Manifestor
Faust Engine: Based on solfeggio frequencies for rate generation. The magic, however will be derived from chaos magick programming linking the sofware to the Godcasters and several energy spots during operation.
Photo below is the final product
File format: APK- to be emailed to you for installation. ANDROID Only
Fully compatible with all radionic devices: Welz, Ultramind, Metamind.
Fully compatible with Imprinting plates and Quantum Stars
You can blank the screen and the app will run- pumping massive raw power to your desires.

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