Grand Unity Audio

All In One Grand Unity Audio Spell

Perhaps our Greatest Ever Energy Music since 2001: Prelaunching at only $49 before October 6

The grand unity spell is the culimination of several months work where the frequencies of key forces are transcribed into audio and energized by Wicca Santeria and Chaos practitioners during its creation. The emanations coming from this Audio Spell can be measured with the egely wheel and bovis bio meter. The results will shock you

What's in the spell? Everything you see in the image below. To use the spell, simply play the music in low volume wherever you go. The sound stream automatically brings down everything from the Tower of Light, 5 Ascension seats, ethereal harmony, the spiritual Zone, and etheric personal control wherever you are. You will:

Revive your entire aura in mere minutes
Create a bubble of power that entities cannot enter up to 500 square meters
Clear your your karma with the Om Gayatri chant repeated 333 times by Tibetan monks (recorded in a mountain temple!)
Bring forth the nurturing power of the Ascension Seats, Protection circles and Crystal Protectors
Triple the level of cooperation and harmony while imparting on you the leadership vibe
Increase intuition, manifestation and remote influence quotient for as long as the music plays. Residual effect lasts 1 hour.
Bolster intelligence 80%+ , reduce need for sleep, eliminate the effects of many external invaders
Increase sales productivity when played near your place of work (or streamed via Website
Clear all mental gunk and even brain failures with Tomatis effects
Utilizes pure frequencies in addition to binaurals and isochronics
Spell chant energies encoded into the matrix - you may feel presences gathering where the music plays
The full Archangel invocation. Yes it's here. You may have sampled it from the free Ayahuasaca formulation released early this year.

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