Tidal Wetness

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Here's How to Create a Whole Room Ambience for Wild Wanton Abandon!
Most Pheromone Products Don't Work Because They're based on Pork Compounds. You Need The Real Thing...

Dear friend,

I'm guessing that you've tried synthetic pheromones that smelt like 2 day old dog poo and it scared away the ladies.

You also tried early 2000-2005 subliminals that promised you more attention than a dog in heat. But all you drew were flies.

These often don't work when used in a large environment because:
The pheromones were derived from pigs. Obviously pigs don't affect humans (unless you liked Ms. Piggy)Subliminals of the past (even those that used time compression for 1000x the effect) needed more than a single encounter to get the message across.There's a simple fix for this problem, and I do wonder why companies never thought of it:

Use subliminals that program the user to emanate natural pheromones in the right environment. Since you're human, you should have an effect on humans, not pigs.Use special energy center frequencies that coax sensual chakras to light up like fireworks. That creates the famous phenylethylamine effect (similar to chocolate rush) which forces you to feel like you're in love. Read "How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You" by Leil Llowndes for more information.Lace the frequencies with Chaos Magick and an appeal to the Orishas for the final knockout blow.These combined create the Tidal Wetness v1.0. It's not just subliminals. It's energy tones and magick.

Magick so potent that it comes with its own sigil in the package that work in conjunction with the mp3.

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