Psion Master 3

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Admit your dirty secret. ... many of your manifestation trends are coercive...
Exerting force on other entities begets retaliatory force. It's basic. Newton's Laws states that.
The result? Failure. A rejection of your energy. And a collapse of your psionic effort.
Psionic Master3. Building on the success of the original Psionic Master, Version 3 primes your energy field with more than adequate protection when launching coercive trends.
This includes zapping pests.
...Marginalizing the competition...
...Winning over lover at the expense of another...
The bottomline: If the bulk of your goals involve FORCE and COMPULSION, you want Psionic Master 3. It is designed to be used ONLY with radionics, psionics, and ritual magick .
Whether paper radionics, software psionics or hardware generators... you will control them effortlessly. And bend reality to your will. All with an irresistible lustful slant.
The Psionic Master3 shields your fields from rejection energy, counter assaults and resistance. It's power is based not just on amazingly powerful harmonics like the solfeggio, but also chaos magick chants.

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