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Make Big Money With Google Helpouts. People can pay to get help from experts over a live video chat similar to Google Hangouts. Anyone who is a teacher or expert on a topic can trade their services for payment, either by the task, by the minute or for a set window of time. Some Helpouts are scheduled and others are available on demand.

To start, Google has more than 1,000 providers signed up to offer things such as music lessons, cooking demonstrations and basic home repair tips. Yoga instructors can give personal lessons and suggest corrections based on what they see over the video. If someone needs help in a program such as Photoshop, they can screen share with an expert who will guide them.

Imagine if you are a website designer, or a Instructor on Internet Marketer, rather than wasting a bunch of time advertising all over the place, Google Helpouts is where you set up and then launch your new business platform to millions of people seeking your services.

This is a no-brainer. Get started making big money today!

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