Arabic IPTV GBOX Midnight MX2 Android 4.2 XBMC Smart TV 500+ channels


Matricom® G-box Midnight MX2™

(500+ Arabic channels)

Best Arabic TV box ever made (500+ channels Loaded). Stream live clearly in HD! Aljazeera sports 1-10, Sky Ports, and more available directly to your Television.

True 1080p Dual Core XBMC HD Decoding! High performance Dual Core A9 1.6Ghz+ CPU paired with the powerful Mali400 Dual Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor = Insane Android® Performance. The MX2™ has twice as much power as the original Midnight™ which provides the best Android® experience available from any other competing product. Watch your favorite movies and live streams with vivid and smooth playback. Hook up a USB mouse (not included) and play your favorite Android® games on the big screen!

Over-The-Air updating means you never have to worry about complicated and cumbersome firmware installations. We'll be adding new features over time so that you can love your MX2™ even more. Software updates will be sent to you automatically and you can install them at your convenience, easily.

So many options! Unlike Roku™ and Apple® TV, the MX2™ is free of any restrictions and never needs to be jail-break. So go ahead, install your favorite apps and customize away! With the MX2™ you're not limited so you can personalize the experience the way that you like. The 8GB internal storage gives you space and freedom to install apps without having to always worry about running out of space.

Includes the Special Edition XBMC designed by elite developers specializing in XBMC specifically for the Midnight MX2™ provides the best experience with Android® 4.2.x which is available on authentic G-Box™ products! Tons of free streaming add-ons available for XBMC so quit paying for cable.

The best warranty in the WORLD. Your box is already covered no matter what happens to it. So go ahead and hack away and live worry-free because your device is covered unconditionally for 1yr from purchase. The MX2™ has been updated to Android® 4.2.2 giving you the latest Android® experience and will automatically update to later versions of Android® and apps seamlessly from the internet!

About G-Box™ Midnight MX2™

The G-Box™ Midnight MX2™ by Matricom™ brings high performance HD streaming from the internet and local media to your TV. The powerful dual core MX processor with the Mali-400 3D graphics engine provides stellar performance for high definition video playback. XBMC runs smoothly with 1080p hardware decoding from local media and your favorite XBMC streaming add-ons.

More Features than Roku™ and Apple®TV Combined

Looking for more than just a simple streaming box? The MX2™ does it all. Running the full Android® 4.2.2 OS gives you the ability to run virtually any Android® app on your TV. Streaming just happens to be only one of the many things that the MX2™ is really great at.

Automatic Online Updating

With over-the-air updating, the MX2™ will ensure that it's software is up-to-date and brings the newest updates and bug fixes for Android® and XBMC to your device seamlessly.

G-Box™ Midnight MX2™


* Amlogic A9 Dual Core Neon HD CPU
* Mali400 Dual Core High Performance 3D GPU
* 1GB RAM (DDR3)
* 8GB Total Internal Storage
* USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD)
* SD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
* 802.11b/g/n internal Wifi
* HDMI v1.4 video output
* 10/100 Ethernet Port
* Coaxial SPDIF Digital Audio Output (Surround Sound)
* Composite Audio/Video Out
* 4x USB 2.0 Ports
* Android® 4.2.x Jelly Bean installed
* Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
* Google® Play Store installed

G-Box™, G-Tab™, Midnight MX2™ and .Tab™ are registered and common law trademarks of Matricom™

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