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Learn why thousands of people all over the world are creating their FREE Karatbars account(s).

Get the facts, and the truth, about our money and why it's better to ...

"Have and not need " a Karatbars International account

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"Need and not have" a Karatbars International account

Why is Karatbars different - what are the benefits?

De-couple money from Banks and Interest Rates.

Couple money to Gold and Gold prices.

Exchange fiat paper money into 999.9 gold grams and "move" into savings(Each time, money is moved into savings, commissions are paid)

Free Storage or Delivery to over 60 Countries.

Not an MLM - the affiliate rewards program does not recognize "levels".

Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate marketing program set up much the same as Amazon.

In MLM, you are required to purchase product(s)each month to qualify for commissions. Karatbars does not.

Karatbars International offers their products, services and opportunity to everyone, worldwide using the internet.

Business(es), Non-Profit Organizations, Individuals and Families can have a free account and enjoy the benefits.

Accounts are FREE & Everything is Optional.

All components, account features, direct access to products and services

The Affiliate Rewards Program - 7 streams of income.

Dual Team System - (featured in The 12 Week Plan)is 1 of 7 ways Karatbars International rewards its Affiliates.

NOTE - The Dual Team System featured in the 12 Week Plan is NOT a binary.

It is a dual "team" system. No "levels" are recognized in earnings calculations.

Right Team Collective Sales Running In Real Time - called units.

Left Team Collective Sales Running In Real Time - called units.

In a binary, at the end of the month you are paid on your weakest leg and the company keeps the profit from your power leg. All of your points "flush" to zero, then you start all over the next week or month.

In a Dual System, you are paid on all sales, in real time, from both legs.

Dual Team System - Units never "flush". Units always "carry over" to the next pay cycle.

Once Left or Right Team accumulates 50 units and the other leg accumulates 25 units, you cycle.

Depending on what package you bought determines how much you earn from each and every cycle.

Cycle Earning Power

Direct Sales Commission:

Bronze is 10 euro/$13 USD and pays at 5%.

Silver is 40 euro/$50 USD and pays at 10%

Gold is 60 euro/$75 USD and pays at 15%

VIP is 80 euro $100 USD and pays at20%

Here is the beauty of it. At the end of the week (as we are paid weekly on the dual system), the units stay there until you accumulate enough units on your other leg to cycle and it pays
you to infinity. So if someone 1000 levels down from you purchases a package, you will still receive the units on that leg.

The best news of all, is that, with this Dual Team System there are 7 ways we are compensated.


Gold News

"There are so many bullish factors impacting gold that one has to be bullish.

Gold is money outside of the banking system.

Gold is money outside of the fiat currency monetary system.

Gold is the ultimate safe haven, and safety is what's needed now.”

Help us show people, the correct way, to "save", and "move" money.

With our system, when money moves correctly, commissions are paid.

People that work the plan are making money!

Last but not least .......

Follow these SIMPLE STEPS and watch your business grow like crazy!


Income projections are shown in US Dollars.

The action plan uses mathematical examples, that are dependent on, following the plan as described.

Results can vary based on your activity and the activity of your team.

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