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I'll be honest with you: it's hard to be the "diamond in the rough" writer. I've tried hiring WF writers for my own sites, and out of three or four from different price points, all of them failed my quality standards. I haven't even used the articles they wrote for me.

Do people need high-quality writers still? Heck, yes!

That's why I'm reopening my writing service. I have to fundraise ASAP for a charity effort, and you hate writing or can't produce articles as good as you'd like while juggling everything else, too.

You could get my articles for as low as $0.02/word!

I'll accept two Warriors for every price level... and then raise it by $1! If you get in now, you can get the lowest price possible. Wait and you might be paying double or more the price!

Even while I raise rates for others, you get to reorder over and over again at that price!

After all spots are sold, I will resume charging my usual rate: $0.05/word. What I write is worth it.

  1. Frontend Lock In A Great Article Price... $25 @ 30%
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