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"Chinese dialects" is a fun (Tools) software can read Chinese dialect! The idea of the text is converted to local dialects broadcasting. You can enter any word of Chinese or open an article, or to select a block of text on the computer screen, "Chinese dialects" will use you to specify the dialect read them. Chinese dialects like a free voice teacher, through which you can learn the various dialects of different readings.
A business trip, study or travel if you want to learn the dialect of the destination? Teachers and students from colleges and universities all over the world, fighters in the army ... would like to know whether he (she) say what? Torn throat salesman whether you want to have a do not pay wages alternatives? Large amounts of text need to pronounce computer games without the manual recording? The cultural programs comedy script if you can use computer voice? The station's public address system if you want to find a what dialects city announcer? , ... I hope our results, in exchange for a smile! In addition to gradually allow the user to add the the new tongues module voiceprint module, we will continue to launch Chinese dialects with products allow users to download.
Download trial indefinitely the Chinese dialects of Cantonese (Cantonese), Chaoshan "," Putonghua "reading function. Reverb, modulation, variable speed; optional robot readings; automatically change the dialect, and the announcer; provide an OCX control so that other software can work behind the scenes manipulation of Chinese dialects; comes with a sound dictionary can query phrases, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences.

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