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One low monthly price to access our many marketing tools. All in Scraper, Keyword Anchor, Tube Scraper, Video Rank Checker, Incoming Keyword Scraper, Pinzon, Easy EMD, Squeezinator, Simple QR Codes and WSO Price Calculator. Plus we will give our subscribers access to all of our new and beta release software tools.

Info on each of the tools:

All In Scraper
Picking the right keywords is one of the most important steps for niche site success. With All In Scraper you can search a multitude of “ALL IN” aspects on keywords in Google to make smarter decisions on which keywords are going to be the easiest to rank for. The tool supports proxies and decaptcher. You can import your keyword lists from a Google Adwords Keyword Tool CSV file to bring in traffic data on the keywords as well. Supports allintitle, allinanchor, allinurl and much much more.

Tube Scraper
YouTube marketing is huge right now and if you know your competition you will succeed faster. Tube Scraper will take your keywords and tell you the number of competing YouTube videos, if the video is on page 1 and the exact position and the number of views, likes and comments of the top YouTube video. All next to local and global traffic for each keyword if you import your list from a Google Adwords Keyword Tool CSV file.

Keyword Anchor
Are you looking for that secret keyword method used by some of the top gurus? Well Keyword Anchor was designed around one of them. It was designed around a highly successful keyword research method by Donald VanFossen and Jeremy Kelsall. The actual method is described in 2 videos which we have made available to our subscribers. This tool then automates the manual method described in those videos.

Video Rank Checker
Are you spending hours per day checking where your YouTube videos rank in Google and YouTube? If so you need to stop wasting your time. Load them all into Video Rank Checker and let it do all that hard work for you with the click of a button. It will report your position in, Videos and YouTube. The tool will also return the number of views, likes and comments on each of your videos that it checks. The tools allows you to save projects that are made up of keywords and YouTube urls that you can load up at anytime and check the ranking on.

PinZon is back! This tool will pull Amazon products by keyword and then allow you to pin them to pinterest. We use a very unique and tricky redirect script/setup to trick Pinterest into not recognizing that it is a Amazon product. Thus redirecting and keeping your affiliate link intact. The tool can be setup to redirect straight to amazon or to landing page on your WordPress blog that will dynamically show the correct product info.

Easy Eaves
Empire Avenue is gaining popularity in the social world. My favorite part about the site is that you can use your money called Eaves to buy social actions like video views, Facebook likes, tweets and much much more. The tricky part is getting the Eaves you need to buy these Social Missions. That is where Easy Eaves comes in. It will auto buy new users at the lowest possible stock price of $10. This will make you a bunch of Eaves as their stock price is guaranteed to rise. Making you the eaves you need to run your missions to get the much needed social signals to your web properties.

Incoming Keyword Scraper
IKS takes advantage of a wordpress plugins footprint. Have you seen all those WordPress blogs that show you recent search terms or popular search terms? Heck I even use it here on this blog. Well IKS looks for that footprint and pulls in the keywords that are sending real traffic to real blogs. Use a seed keyword like diet to return a bunch of other diet related keywords that are really sending traffic to diet related blogs.

Easy EMD
EMD stands for Exact Match Domain. This is when the keyword you are targeting matches the words in the domain name exactly. Easy EMD will take your bulk list of keywords and check for available EMD’s of your choice. In the past EMD’s were easier to rank but that is somewhat of a controversial topic now. Some say it still helps and others will say it does not. If you want to check for EMD’s still we have you covered.

Squeezinator is our easy to use squeeze page creator. Just fill in the fields on the left side and see the squeeze page come to life before your eyes on the right side. It does not get much easier then this. It supports pasting in code from almost any services like Aweber and Constant Contact. It also supports embedded video. You can create stand alone squeeze pages and upload the via ftp or even use our custom WordPress option as well.

Simple QR Codes
Looking for a QR code generator? This baby is as simple as they come. Just follow the examples and put in a web url, email address, telephone number, SMS or geo coordinates to generate your QR code.

WSO Price Calculator
Have you launched or are you planning to launch a WSO or any dimesale style product release? If so our calculator is totally awesome at coming up with different dime-sale and affiliate scenarios to get the most out of your product launch. It shows you your share and the affiliates share as well as offering many extra options to make your launch a successful one.

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