Enhanced Audit Guide

If you have a Home-based Business and you're involved in the Direct Sales Industry, you absolutely need the Enhanced Examiner Audit Guide.

There is no better way to help protect your Home-based Business' deductions.

If you're an entrepreneur, the best way to demonstrate your For-Profit motive is to know exactly what questions the IRS will ask during an audit and be able to produce relevant documentation.

For example, do you know:
* What a Conforming Business Plan is?
* What records, books, documents and data should you keep?
* How to Substantiate Deductions?
* What determines For-Profit Intent?
* What the terms "direct-seller" and "independent contractor" are defined to be?
* What the IRS knows about the Direct Sales Industry?
* How the 'Hobby Loss' rules differ for a C-Corporation or LLC?
* What factors the IRS will address in determining whether your business is being run in a profit-motivated manner?
* How to avoid Hobby-Loss and misreporting penalties?

As a minimum, this guide will allow you to:
(1) understand how, even if your home-based business loses money for 10 out of 10 years, you'll still be able to claim business deductions and have them accepted by the IRS, and
(2) create a Business Plan that will successfully address all of factors that the IRS uses in determining whether/how your business is being run with the honest objective of earning a profit.

Don't fear being audited. Know exactly what to expect. Be absolutely certain that your record-keeping process and your Business Plan are in full-compliance with all IRS mandates and expectations.

Go on offense -- know what tax issues are important. Know what records to keep so that, no matter how many times you're audited, the IRS will always be able to easily verify every deduction you claim.

Breeze through that audit encounter, should you have one.

Be one of those folks who has seized a Direct Sales opportunity, who markets products, who builds a team and who
knows how to successfully claim the maximum number of home-based business deductions.

The Enhanced Examiner Audit Guide is your first-line of defense!

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