My Idol Time - Behind The Scenes Of American Idol

E-Book - Go behind the scenes of American Idol. Dennis Duncan is a 25-year music industry veteran that’s had the opportunity to work in some rather interesting environments with equally interesting entertainers. My Idol Time is an illuminating snapshot of what happens behind the many curtains in what has become the cultural phenomenon, American Idol. Because of his unique history and unique position as a vocal producer, Duncan was able to float within the rigid organizational structure and experience the show in ways no other person could.

Duncan takes the reader through seasons 6-9 and provides the reader with snapshots of his relationship with the contestants behind the scenes and in the studio. Additionally, he explores the genesis of the ring tones, technologies used behind the scenes and on the stage and even gives insight on how interested contestants can increase their chances of getting on their favorite vocal or music based reality show.

In true Duncan fashion, the reader is unwittingly coaxed into learning and understanding. The magic of his observations lie in how he’s able to take the reader on a ride about one thing and then come to find that he actually was able to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

The magic of American Idol is not something that can be argued. Duncan provides some unique insights. But more importantly, My Idol Time is somehow able to bring the magic home and make it personal.

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