Single word Tag (Keyword)

Tags can be used in advertising as a great alternative to vanity urls and tiny url.
There is an annual charge for a TAG - This is dependent on the number of words used in the TAG.

We have a "One Word" option, a "Two Word" option and a "Three Words or More" Option.

For example the TAG 'dog' will cost more than the TAG 'dog beds', and more than the TAG 'dog beds for sale'

The current cost are listed below:

One Word - $790/£500 per year
Two Words - $385/£250 per year
Three Words or More - $8/£5 per year

Note: Commission is paid annually on renewal.

  1. Frontend Single word Tag (Keyword) $790 @ 50%
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Not enough data to publish a refund rate for Single word Tag (Keyword).

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