Quit Smoking With IST. Now

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1.You are promoting a revolutionary, unique yet simple system that helps people quit smoking. Even people who have tried other systems and failed, succeeded with IST.

2.Your list members and customers are going to love you for offering them IST because you can give them the initial session free.($150 Value)

3.This is going to be the best evergreen offer you ever promoted. Your customers are coockied for life. Using IST we will be creating niche specific offers for months to come.

4.Sign ups will be sky high - because you will be giving away a Free IST Session

5. Conversion will be tremendous. With our Invest Points Bonus the customers will get back a lot more than what they paid for the service.

6. Genuine built in scarcity - Not the standard hyped up scarcity.

7.Affiliate Commission: Best news last.

Unheard of 4 Way Commission payout. 2 Weekly & 2 Monthly.

1.Direct Sale (one time) - 30% of service Fee - Weekly payout
2. 2nd Tire (one time) - 10% of service Fee - Weekly payout

3.Monthly profit from 30% Invest Points on direct sales - Monthly payout
4.Monthly profit from 30% of the 2nd Tier commission - Monthly payout.

This is your real 100% passive income. We are taking the "sell once and
get paid forever" concept to the next level.This will eventually dwarf your initial affiliate check

If you are planning to refer others and make 2nd tier commission. Please contact me. I will send you a special link.

  1. Frontend Quit Smoking With IST. Now $150 @ 30%
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