No Risk, No Monthly Fees

Most companies offering this kind of service charge $100s a month for far less powerful software than DigiResults gives you but we’re so confident that DigiResults will improve your business that we don’t charge a monthly fee.  We only take a small commission on every sale made.

So if you don’t make money … we don’t make money!

Micro Payments

We’ve been selling online for years and one of our biggest issues has been the prohibitive fees charged for selling low priced products.

To solve this problem we have a “Micro Pay” fee structure for anything below $10 so you don’t end up paying us more than you make yourself!


We also hate having to remember to pay fees at the end of each month so we thought it’d be handy if the fees were charged automatically at the same time the affiliate payment is split out.

But don’t worry, if the customer refunds we pay it all back just like you and your affiliates.

Fee Structure

Micro Pay Below $10 = $0.25 + 7.5%

Standard Above $10 = $0.50 + 5%