WarriorPlus Bridging Guide

This walkthrough is a guide on how to bridge one of your products with WSO Pro by WarriorPlus.  To do this your product must be listed on both DigiResults and WarriorPlus. 

  • First, log in to your WarriorPlus account and click the “my listings” header.


  • Next, select “Edit” for the product you wish to bridge.


  • Then, copy the buy URL at the top of the page.

  • Log into your DigiResults account and navigate to the “Product Details” screen of the product you wish to bridge.  Click “Network selling” to expand the section.

  • Paste the buy URL into the “WarriorPlus buy link” field.  Then click “Update Product”.



  • Finally, take the buy button from DigiResults under Manage > Listings > Your Listing > Your Product > Get buy button code, and use it in your post or webpage. After a few minutes the buy button will update to say ‘Also with… Warrior+Plus’. You can use a different buy button image if you prefer, but the link must be the same.

  • Done.