JVZoo Bridging Guide

Product Setup

This walkthrough is a guide on how to bridge one of your products with JVZoo.  To do this your product must be listed on both DigiResults and JVZoo.

  • First, log in to your JVZoo account and click “Buy Buttons’ underneath the product you wish to bridge.

  • Next, copy the buy URL.

  • Then, log in to your DigiResults account and navigate to the “Product Details” screen of the product you wish to bridge.  Click “Network selling” to expand the section.

  • Paste the buy URL into the “JVZoo buy link” field.  Then click “Update Product”.

  • You will notice a new link appears to the right of the “JVZoo buy link” field.  Copy this link.

  • Go back to JVZoo and select “Edit” for the product you previously copied the buy URL from.

  • Paste the new link into the “Sales Page URL” and click “Save Product”.

  • Finished.

Picking a JVZoo Image

JVZoo uses the buy buttons on your sales page to track stats about your product. To keep this working correctly DigiResults will display the JVZoo buy button when the affiliate sent traffic from JVZoo.

If you want to use one of the other styles of buy button available from JVZoo simply enter the buy URL for the style you want to use into the “JVZoo buy link” in the product details screen on DigiResults and we’ll do all the rest.