List automation rules: example

This example shows you how to set up DigiResults so that when people who have opted in to your squeeze page become buyers, they will be automatically transferred off your optin list and on to your buyers list.

You will need to have your squeeze page optin tracking integrated into DigiResults. If you’re not sure how to do this, click here.

Add a new list automation rule by clicking on ‘Add action’.

First, set up the rule that will subscribe your customers to your buyers list when a sale is made:

1. Set Event to ‘Sale’. (Note: this is assuming your product is single-sale – if you have a subscription or payment plan, you should select the appropriate event from the list)

2. Set Action to ‘Subscribe’.

3. Select your buyers list from the drop-down box.

4. Click ‘Create List automation rule’.

This will create your first rule. We now need another rule to unsubscribe customers from your opt-in list, so click ‘Add action’ again.

1. Set Event to ‘Sale’ (and see the note above)

2. Set Action to ‘Unsubscribe’.

3. Select your opt-in list from the drop-down menu.

4. Click ‘Create List automation rule’.

You should now have 2 rules which will automatically transfer your customers from your opt-in list to your buyers list.

When you’re done, your rules should look a bit like this:

Rules complete

REMEMBER: you need to set up rules to subscribe AND unsubscribe your customers if you don’t want them on two separate lists. Subscribing to one list won’t automatically delete them from another.